Female Orgasm Only a few years ago, there were only two basic types of vibrators: the egg or bullet, and the wand. Today there's a wide variety of vibrators available for every need.

It's not likely that you'll ever be able to give a vibrator a "trial run" (even if you wanted to) so research before you buy is very important. If you have an open relationship with your friends, you can ask them about which vibrators they use and how well they like them.

Below, we outline the basic types of vibrators. Reviews of some of the more popular vibrator models are also on this site. Remember, before you choose, consider the purpose of the vibrator.

External vibrator

These are designed for external use only, not penetration. Therefore they might have some potentially sharp edges, or might be difficult to hang onto during penetration, or have controls best accessed from the outside. Others, like the egg or bullet vibrators, simply aren't shaped to allow penetration.

External vibrators are a great first vibrator choice.

Pocket rocket vibrator

This vibrator was the most famous for some time until eclipsed by the rabbit vibrator (below). The pocket rocket vibrator is an external vibrator that's only a little bigger than a lipstick. It's powerful, easy to clean, and batteries last a long time. The pocket rocket vibrator is extremely discreet – it easily fits into the pocket or purse (even a tiny evening bag).

If you're getting started with your first vibrator, the pocket rocket is an excellent choice.

Rabbit vibrator or jack rabbit vibrator

Probably the most well-known vibrator today. The rabbit vibrator was popularized during an episode of the excellent TV show "Sex and the City."

The rabbit vibrator is a "dual-action" vibrator, designed to stimulate the vagina and clitoris at the same time. While the shaft of the vibrator turns, the rabbit's ears flutter against the clitoris.

The interesting design of this sex toy originates in Japan, where it's against the law to create sex toys that resemble actual sexual organs. Japanese sex toys are crafted to resemble animals or sea creatures. The rabbit vibrator comes in two remarkably similar designs: the Rabbit Habit and the Rabbit Pearl.

Butterfly vibrator

Butterfly vibrators are external clitoris-only stimulators that are strapped onto the body. Butterfly vibrators leave your hands free and provide a constant level of stimulation.

Some butterfly vibrators come with remote-control devices for you or your partner.

Clit vibrator

Clit vibrators (like the pocket rocket, above) are small external vibrators, usually wand-shaped, meant for external use only. They are smaller than vibrators intended for insertion, and batteries usually last longer. Most models can be thrown in a bag or pocket.

Anal vibrator

Any vibrator to be inserted in the anus should have a flared end or another method for easy removal. Bullet vibrators should never be used as anal vibrators as the cord might break, which can make for an embarrassing visit to the emergency room.

Remember to keep your anal vibrator clean. And use a different vibrator for vaginal penetration.

Electric vibrators

These are larger vibrators that plug into the wall. They tend to look big and industrial, unfeminine. They're sturdier and longer-lasting than battery-operated vibrators. They lack the elegance and discretion of battery-operated vibrators, and definitely won't fit into your evening bag. But they are durable and tough.

All current designs are for external use only, though have many attachments that might be suitable for penetration.

If you're still uncertain as to which type of vibrator to buy, read Your First Vibrator.