How to have a vaginal orgasm

Female Orgasm Many women have heard of the vaginal orgasm, but not nearly as many have achieved it. Most women know how to achieve an orgasm, either alone or with their partner, but yet the vaginal orgasm still eludes them. This is because while an ordinary orgasm is simply a physical response to sexual stimulation, there are many more factors that go into a vaginal orgasm than meets the eye at first.

Types of orgasms - vaginal and clitoral

There are two different types of orgasms. A clitoral orgasm is the most common and easiest for most women to achieve. In fact, a clitoral orgasm almost requires very little effort, as manual stimulation of the clitoris will frequently result in orgasm as a simply biological response.

A vaginal orgasm, however, is different, and many women feel that a vaginal orgasm is impossible for them, or even that they don't even exist. This is not true. A vaginal orgasm is produced from within the vagina, usually by the stimulation that occurs during intercourse. A vaginal orgasm is often more intense than a clitoral orgasm, with stronger orgasmic contractions that lead to a more pleasurable experience.

Since most women have not achieved a vaginal orgasm, many feel that their bodies are simply not constructed in a way that allows for a vaginal orgasm to occur. This is extremely rarely the case.

Are vaginal orgasms better?

Since orgasms vary from woman to woman, it is impossible to definitively say that vaginal orgasms are better than clitoral orgasms. Both are obviously extremely pleasant sensations, and many women are extremely satisfied with only clitoral orgasms. However, the quality of an orgasm depends on the strength of the pleasurable orgasmic contractions that make up the orgasm, and vaginal orgasms often trigger much stronger orgasmic contractions.

Women who have experienced vaginal orgasms often describe them as intense or mind blowing. This is not to say that there is anything wrong or inferior about clitoral orgasms. Instead, it should be understood that vaginal orgasms are also possible, and that they differ greatly from clitoral orgasms.

It is a matter of personal taste as to which type of orgasm is preferred, but general thought is that the more powerful the orgasmic contractions are, the better the orgasm is. Since vaginal orgasms tend to produce stronger orgasmic contractions, they are often considered to be a better, more satisfying type of orgasm.

How to have a vaginal orgasm