Vaginal Dryness and Sexual Lubricants

Female Orgasm Sooner or later, every woman who engages in vaginal/vulval play will face vaginal dryness. A good water-based lubricant is an excellent treatment for vaginal dryness, especially during intercourse. So get used to using your water-based lubricant frequently and in sufficient quantity to combat any dryness you feel.

Water-based lubricants are also a good method of relieving vaginal dryness when you're not planning on engaging in intercourse. They can relieve dryness for up to several hours after application.

Look in the Family Planning or the Feminine Hygiene section of your local drugstore for the water-based lubricants. Choose a brand. The leading products are K-Y Jelly (but not K-Y Plus), Astroglide and Replens. They're fairly similar formulas that use glycerin or a similar ingredient to give a slippery feel. There are other lubes available, but beware of any that might have ingredients or qualities that would irritate your vagina.

When choosing the lubricant to treat your vaginal dryness, keep these guidelines in mind:

1. Always use a water-based lubricant. Petroleum jelly-based lubricants like Vaseline should never be used inside your vagina. They increase your susceptibility to infections. Additionally, petroleum-based lubricants break down latex and can cause condoms to fail.

2. Most lubes are not spermicidal, anti-viral or anti-bacterial. This means that using lube alone DOES NOT constitute safe sex. Some types of lubricant do have these qualities, so pay attention to the label if you're looking for a product that can make sex safer.

3. Moisturizers, anti-irritants and drying powders are not lubricants. Moisturizers help to soothe the dry lining of the vagina and may help relieve some of the symptoms of vaginal dryness, but aren't suitable for use during intercourse. Anti-irritants are used to numb the skin and are sometimes applied externally but should never be used inside the vagina. Drying powders are also for external use only.

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