Vaginal Dryness Cure

There are a number of treatments that can fairly be said to be vaginal dryness cures. There are also a number of commonly-recommended vaginal dryness cures that should be avoided at all costs, as they usually aggravate vaginal dryness or make the problem worse in other respects.

Estrogen therapy as a vaginal dryness cure

Female Orgasm Because estrogen loss is the leading cause of vaginal dryness, estrogen replacement or supplementation therapy is a very common vaginal dryness cure. These are the leading methods of estrogen replacement therapy prescribed by doctors:

Vaginal estrogen cream: Insert the cream into your vagina 2-3 times per day.

Vaginal estrogen rings: You or your doctor insert the ring into your vagina. Over 90 days, the soft plastic ring gradually releases estrogen into your body.

Vaginal estrogen tablets: These are inserted daily for two weeks and then bi-weekly thereon. These tablets slowly release estrogen into the body.

Skin patches: Slowly release estrogen directly into the bloodstream. This method of estrogen therapy can increase the risk of blood clots and possibly the risk of breast cancer.

Oral supplementation: Low doses of estrogen and progesterone taken internally. This method may increase the risk of blood clots, stroke, heart disease and breast cancer.

Over-the-counter vaginal dryness cures

Vaginal dryness can be treated without a trip to the doctor. These methods treat the dryness by providing moisture and lubrication to the vagina.

Water-based lubricants (Astroglide, K-Y liquid, etc.): This type of lubricant works in the vagina for several hours. It is recommended to be applied to the vagina before intercourse. Also, we recommend applying the lubricant to your partner's penis before intercourse.

Moisturizers: There are several moisturizers on the market specifically for vaginal dryness. They may work as a vaginal dryness cure for over a day upon application. These moisturizers also help to maintain the proper acidity level of the vagina.

Proper arousal

Vaginal dryness during intercourse can be due to lack of arousal. Make sure you and your partner are engaging in an adequate amount of foreplay as well as using lubrication.

These are the current vaginal dryness cures available on the market. For more information about treating vaginal dryness at home, read help for vaginal dryness.

Although quite rarely, vaginal dryness can be a sign of a larger problem. If you suffer from persistent vaginal dryness you should talk to your doctor who can diagnose the root cause and prescribe an appropriate course for your vaginal dryness cure.