How are Vaginal and Clitoral Orgasms Different?

Female Orgasm Different types of stimulation can create three distinct types of orgasm (four types if you count the G spot orgasm as separate from a vaginal orgasm). Some researchers fail to distinguish between these different types of orgasm despite the clear physiological differences.

This article discusses the three major types of female orgasm. Read G spot basics for more information about this type of orgasm.

Vaginal orgasms

A vaginal orgasm is relatively uncommon due to the relative lack of sensitive nerve endings that can be easily stimulated in and around the vagina. The most sensitive parts of the vagina are at the opening and within the first two inches of the opening.

During a vaginal orgasm, the uterus drops lower, shortening the vagina. Presumably this shortens the distance that sperm must travel to fertilize the female egg.

The term "vaginal orgasm" has created a great degree of confusion since Sigmund Freud told the world that mature women only experience orgasm when their vaginas, rather than their clitorises, were stimulated. This placed a great deal of importance on the man's penis – exactly where most men think it should be. This is utter nonsense. Vaginal orgasms are no more or less mature than clitoral orgasms – simply different.

Clitoral orgasms

The clitoris has more nerve endings in its tiny tip than the entire glans (head) of a man's penis. For this reason, most women experience orgasms far more easily during clitoral stimulation. Most women masturbate by stimulating the clitoris.

During a clitoral orgasm, the vagina actually becomes longer, creating a pocket to be formed under the uterus. Many women like a feeling of fullness, provided by a penis, dildo or fingers, while experiencing a clitoral orgasm.

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Blended orgasms

A third type of orgasm is experienced when both vaginal and clitoral stimulation occur simultaneously. This is described as more intense and sometimes known as a "full-body" orgasm, because the escalation and release of muscular tension affects the entire body.

Other types of orgasms

Because each woman is unique and experiences stimulation differently, there are as many types of orgasm as there are types of women. Physiological concerns aside, the most important aspect of any orgasm is how good it makes you feel.

Learn more about your body and about the different types of orgasms it is capable of achieving. Experiment with masturbation and various types of stimulation. Discover your G spot and even female ejaculation. The sole purpose of the female orgasm is to give you pleasure – so revel in the wonderful complexity your body offers.

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