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Female Orgasm Dozens of researchers are right now, this very moment, engineering, designing and testing new inventions and designs of -- sex toys.

It's true. In the last twenty years, sex toy choices have gone from a few dozen to several hundred. All the classic sex toys are still available, as are ultramodern designs in space-age materials like cyberskin. Some incredibly popular sex toys are imported from Japan and other countries. Millions of dollars are spent every year on making newer, better, safer sex toys. All for just one reason:

To make sex play and masturbation better for you.

Do I need a sex toy?

If you want to make sex more fun, and add an exciting new element to sex play, then a sex toy may be exactly what you need.

Because many people have hang-ups about sex, and associate sex toys with "naughtiness" or even sinfulness, you should talk to your partner before bringing a sex toy into the equation. Especially if your partner is sexually timid.

On the other hand, few things are more surprising and exciting than a new sex toy that's not unveiled until the moment of use.

Can I make my own sex toys?

If you're worried about expense, don't be. You can get some great sex toys for around $20. Some are pretty costly, but you don't have to start with them.

If you're worried about embarrassment, don't be. Online shopping means that your purchase is totally anonymous. Your credit card is discreetly billed and your package arrives in plain old brown cardboard.

If you still want to make your own sex toys, please think again. It's too easy to spread germs in intimate places and/or to injure yourself when improvising sex toys. Women sometimes use electric toothbrushes (!!) to stimulate themselves, damaging the sensitive tissues of the clitoris and vagina. And we've all heard stories of men checking into the emergency room with vacuum cleaner injuries.

Don't improvise. Instead, invest a few dollars in a sex toy that's been designed for safety and fun. Check out the reviews and recommendations by clicking the links below.

Vibrators | Dildos | Sex Lubes | Anal Sex Toys