Sex Games: Fun in the Bedroom

Female Orgasm Sex games can be a great way to mix fun and sex in the bedroom. You can use sex games to introduce new sex toys, sex role playing, to try new positions or just to try something completely different.

Introduction to sex games

First and foremost, sex games should be fun for both partners. Remember to keep the spirit of fun alive whenever you try something new.

Talk to your partner before implementing a new sex game. You want them to be prepared and relaxed, not apprehensive or uncomfortable. Discuss ideas for sex games with your partner and choose something that sounds interesting to both of you.

Types of sex games

A very popular type of sex game that deserves its own page.

The word "bondage" is a little intimidating and frightening to most of us. Nonetheless, some light restraints can be a lot of fun during sex. Tie your partner up (loosely) with scarves or neckties and they're at your mercy!

Combine this with a blindfold for even more excitement.

Undress your partner without undressing yourself. While undressing your partner, tell her in explicit detail exactly what you're going to do to her. Have sex without removing any of your clothing.

The combination of being in your power, plus the rough texture of your clothing on her skin, will drive her absolutely crazy.

It's just as fun and naughty now as it was in college. Each of you takes off an article of clothing for every hand or round lost. We don't recommend strip chess, because it usually takes too long.

This is just a great idea for a sex game. These glow-in-the-dark dice give random instructions when rolled, such as: lick nipple, or touch lips. Each roll gives a different order -- a creative and fun foreplay enhancement device!

Another game that provides random instructions, perfect for extending foreplay and getting you both in the mood.

A pleasurable experience of giving and receiving in which both of you win. As much about exploring your relationship as it is about sex, this card game might not be a bedroom sex game but it's still well worth the investment.


We hope that these suggestions will give you some good ideas for your next sexual encounter. Spend some time thinking about a new sex game, maybe purchasing one, and start playing tonight.