Role Playing Scenarios

Female Orgasm So you've talked to your partner and you've decided that you're ready to try role playing. Need some ideas for roles, characters and scenarios? Fear not.

The following is a list of role playing scenarios culled from the Female Orgasm.MD staff.

The Call Girl

This is a good way to get started, because it mixes the excitement of hotel sex with role playing. Get a room in a nearby hotel -- fancy if you like, sleazy if you prefer. Tell your partner to meet you there. You're the john, she's the prostitute.

After you make love, take her out to dinner. And then back to the hotel.

The Teacher and the Naughty Student

This one is pretty straightforward. The fun part is, either partner can be in either role. More or less discipline can be inflicted, depending on your tastes. Props include: reading glasses, a ruler (for spanking), pens and notebooks, etc.

The Police Detective

Again, either partner can be in either role. The Detective is investigating a crime, and he's determined to make his witness talk! Or the Detective is on the vice squad, arresting a prostitute. What will she do to avoid going to prison?

Props include a plastic pistol and badge, handcuffs, an old fedora and sport coat.

The Captured Elf Maiden

World of Warcraft players, take note! The Human Warrior has won the battle and captured a Blood Elf Maiden. Now he's taken her back to his tent where he will have his way with her. Will she struggle to get away? Or will she beg for mercy?

Props include leather outfits and boots, swords or Medieval wall-hanging weapons (be careful!), silk pillows, etc.

The Cable Guy

He thinks he's just coming to fix your HBO. But the lusty housewife has a different idea...

Props include tool belt and boots or hardhat for him, slinky nighty or lingerie and for her.

Use Your Imagination!

Just about anything can make a great role playing scenario. Pay attention to the movies you watch for a scene you'd like to act out later. Alternately, you can act out your favorite fantasy.

Be creative and have fun.