Orgasms and Relationships: What's the Connection?

Female Orgasm Everyone knows that there is a connection between relationships and female orgasms. But the latest research may be exactly the opposite of what you expect. This article discusses ideas about the correlation between relationships and orgasms, and makes some suggestions for better sex.

Orgasms and Relationships: Traditional Ideas

Traditional ideas hold that a steady monogamous relationship is the ideal situation for women to experience an orgasm. Women require psychological fulfillment as well as physical fulfillment in order to experience an orgasm.

To a certain degree, anecdotal evidence agrees with this position. Many women begin to experience orgasms only after being in a relationship for a while -- only after becoming comfortable with their partner.

On the other hand, couples who've been together for too long sometimes reach an orgasm road block. Perhaps sex has become too drab and unchanging, perhaps the woman is unfulfilled in the relationship or perhaps she's no longer attracted to her mate.

Traditional ideas tell us that relationships can be hindrances as well as aids to female orgasm.

Orgasms and Relationships: New Ideas

Psychologists and biologists have studied female orgasms and their role in human relationships and their findings are interesting. The latest theories indicate that female orgasms may be a woman's way of choosing to pass on a mate's genes.

In this theory, orgasm is still an involuntary act -- but important because of its effects on the chances for conception. Men who can make women reach orgasm are the kind of men who are "naturally selected."

Scientists researching the above article found no correlation between length of relationship or quality of relationship and frequency of orgasm.

Orgasms and Relationships: The Bottom Line

Whether or not the female orgasm plays a role in conception seems irrelevant -- and scientists are not certain whether or not it does.

One thing is certain: the more openly and freely you can talk to your partner about sex, the more likely you are to have an orgasm-rich relationship. Couples who communicate are far more likely to describe their sex lives as fulfilling and satisfying. And couples who don't talk about intercourse often describe themselves as frustrated, disappointed and unhappy in their sex lives.

So instead of worrying about traditional or even the latest ideas about relationships and orgasms, discuss them with your partner. Be careful not to overemphasize female orgasms but instead just discuss the issue. Chances are you'll learn something new and you'll definitely be on the right track for a mutually fulfilling sexual relationship.