Stronger orgasm contractions for stronger orgasms

Female Orgasm Most people consider an orgasm to be the end goal of love making, but not many people are aware of hot to control the quality and strength of their orgasms. For women, this can be especially complicated, due to how many different factors are at play during sex. What everyone should know, however, is that the stronger the orgasm contractions are, the stronger and better the orgasm will be. In order to have mind blowing orgasms every time, a woman must figure out how to increase the strength of her orgasm contractions.

What really happens during an orgasm

During sexual intercourse, the female body is stimulated in one or more ways. Orgasms are possible through either vaginal stimulation, clitoral stimulation or both. Most women find it easier to orgasm through clitoral stimulation. When the female body is properly aroused and stimulated, an orgasm results. During orgasm, the muscles of the vagina contract repeatedly.

The purpose of orgasm contractions, biologically, is to draw sperm up through the vaginal canal in order to more easily fertilize an egg for procreation. However, procreation is not always the goal of sexual intercourse, and these orgasm contractions also are extremely pleasurable as well.

Most women agree, the orgasms feels better based on how strong the orgasm contractions are. Those women who consistently experience strong orgasm contractions have mind blowing orgasms nearly every time they have sex.

How to achieve harder, stronger orgasm contractions

While orgasm contractions are an automatic physical response to sexual stimulation, it is possible to achieve harder, stronger orgasm contractions. This is a goal of many women, since the stronger your orgasm contractions are, the better the orgasm will feel.

One of the most important things you can do to encourage stronger orgasm contractions is make sure that you are completely relaxed when it comes time for sex. Take some time to unwind from the day and put all stresses out of your mind. Any ideas that intrude on the sexual experience will be distracting, and prevent you from accomplishing the relaxed state of mind needed for stronger orgasm contractions.

Also, it is important to feel comfortable with yourself and your own body, as well. Confidence with yourself and comfort in your own skin is an important factor in working towards stronger orgasm contractions as well. Whether sexy lingerie or even working out more helps you feel confident in your own appearance, anything that boosts your self esteem will go far towards helping you have the confidence necessary for taking control of your own orgasm. Add in a relaxing hot bath, massage or romantic candle light, and the mood should be set to help urge along the physical reactions necessary for stronger orgasm contractions.

The secret to better, stronger orgasm contractions

Tips and Tricks for Orgasmic Contractions Every Time

The best way to make sure that you have strong orgasmic contractions with every orgasm is to know yourself and what you need to reach a mind blowing orgasm. Once you know your own body and what feels good to you, you can express to your partner what you prefer in bed. Of course, this requires that you be in a relationship in which you and your significant other are comfortable expressing such things to each other. Luckily, this type of relationship also often extends to the deep intimacy and emotional connection that helps with achieving powerful orgasmic contractions as well.

Connection and communication are not all that is needed, however. While communicating with and being close to your partner are huge factors for most women, you must also be in the proper state of mind to have a mind blowing orgasm.

Find ways to leave behind the stresses of the day and life. Before engaging in sex, you can try taking a hot bath with scented oils, or practice any other activities that help you to feel relaxed and comfortable. Being relaxed and lost in the moment is the main key to having powerful orgasmic contractions.

Once you learn how to leave the outside world behind and lose yourself completely with your partner, orgasmic contractions will come on strongly every time.