Mind blowing orgasms – How to get mind blowing orgasms every time

Female Orgasm Television, movies, books and all kinds of media make amazing sex seem natural, easy and the norm. However, for most women, a mind blowing orgasm is rare, if it is ever achieved at all. This can be a huge source of frustration for some couples, or even make women doubt their own sexual health or abilities. The truth is, no matter what mainstream media may portray, mind blow orgasms do not always come naturally to women.

There are many factors that go into having a mind blowing orgasm every time, and it is only with understanding the physical function of an orgasm, along with her own body, that a woman will be able to accomplish this goal, every time.

Why most women have never had a mind blowing orgasm

There are many reasons why most women have never had a mind blowing orgasm. One of the major factors in this issue is that many women assume that a mind blowing orgasm happens automatically, or it does not happen at all. If it is not just like it is in the movies, then there must be something wrong with the woman herself. This is absolutely not true. Mind blowing orgasms can be had by any woman, with a little bit of understanding of why it is not happening.

First of all, especially for women, sex and love making are about an emotional connection. So much of sex is mental for woman that, without an emotional connection with her partner, it becomes extremely difficult to have a mind blowing orgasm. In a deeply committed emotional relationship, however, there can still be stumbling blocks.

Many women are reluctant to communicate their needs to their partner, fearing it may be insulting or off putting to ask for what she needs for her own pleasure. When there is a lack of communication or understanding between sexual partners, it is impossible to work together towards a mind blowing orgasm for the female.

Additionally, many woman suffer from insecurity and hang ups about their own bodies, making it difficult to relax and let go in the moment. The additional strain of being tense during sex leaves a mind blowing orgasm just out of reach. Lastly, some women are not even aware that a mind blowing orgasm is possible! They remain content with dull or average orgasms, if any at all, not realizing that there is something better out there.

How to get a mind blowing orgasm

There are three key steps to having a mind blowing orgasm every time. The first step for most women is to become comfortable and confident with your own body. Often, this is easier said than done. However, in the context of a loving relationship, reminding yourself that sex is a physical expression of your emotional love and not about the way your body looks will help. This will lead to the second key to a mind blowing orgasm - relaxing.

When you stop thinking about tiny flaws and realize that you are the only one thinking about your thighs, stomach or any other little body parts that bother you and you understand that your partner is not focused on those things at all, and you can relax much more easily. Letting your sex drive soar can be easy, when you learn to relax and enjoy the moment.

Lastly, you must be comfortable enough with your partner to communicate your needs. Having a mind blowing orgasm requires your body to be stimulated in ways that feel good to you, specifically, and that differs from woman to woman. You cannot expect your partner to know how to please you if you are not comfortable communicating your needs to him.

Tips and tricks for mind blowing orgasms