Multiple Orgasms For Men

Female Orgasm ( Why should women have all the fun?)

For women, ejaculation and orgasm are clearly separate phenomena. Most women who have orgasms never ejaculate. For men, the two are more closely related. But when a man can separate his orgasms from ejaculation, he opens the door to multiple orgasms.

Multiple orgasms for men: It's not a myth

Male practitioners of Tantric sex techniques are able to reach orgasm without ejaculating. Others are capable of experiencing an extended orgasm, lasting anywhere from 30 seconds to half an hour, with or without ejaculating. Sound crazy? It's possible. But it takes practice.

Getting started with multiple orgasms

First you have to strengthen your PC muscle using these kegel exercises. The stronger your PC muscle, the more well-equipped you are to delay ejaculation. After a few weeks of that, you're ready to move on to orgasms without ejaculation.

Lock yourself up in the bedroom and begin to tease yourself and masturbate in your favorite way. Don't forget the steamy fantasies, either! The goal is to arouse yourself as much as possible.

Take slow, deep breaths. If you know how to breathe using your diaphragm, do that. At the same time, flex your PC muscle. The deep breaths help you relax and flexing will help you experience a new and different kind of orgasm. The difference may be subtle at first but with practice you will feel the difference.

Bring yourself to orgasm, but without ejaculating. There are several methods you can use to keep yourself from ejaculating, so try them all and see which work best for you:

  • Squeeze the tip of the penis by making a ring around the glans (head)
  • Squeeze the base of your penis
  • Use your thumb and forefinger to circle your testicles and gently pull them away from your body
  • Apply pressure against your perineum, the soft tissue between your testicles and your anus

As you master the art of bringing yourself to the point of orgasm without ejaculating, you will begin to experience a different type of orgasm, sometimes called a "contractile phase orgasm." At first they might not feel as intense as orgasms with ejaculation, but don't worry, they will. And you can have more of them.

The combination of deep breathing, relaxation and orgasm without ejaculation create an experience that many men describe as a "full-body orgasm." And the best part is, you can eventually have multiple orgasms.

Practicing these techniques will heighten your sexual sensations as well as your orgasms, whether or not you achieve multiple orgasms. Remember, practice and enjoy the sensations. Pay attention to your body. And don't forget to enjoy yourself!