Intense Orgasms During Love Making

Female Orgasm If you are not having intense orgasms every time you have sex, you are not alone. Some women are not even aware that more intense orgasms are possible, instead settling for what they have and assuming that there is no fix. However, the truth is that more intense orgasms are possible for all women.

Unlike men, women may have a slightly more difficult time achieving intense orgasms, since so much more goes into the female orgasm. Once a woman understands the circumstances and functions that intense orgasms rely upon, she can begin to work towards achieving her own intense orgasms every time she has sex.

Not having intense orgasms? Possible reasons why:

As stated above, many women assume that if they are not currently having intense orgasms, that there is no solution. Some women think that there is something wrong with them, either emotionally or physically, that prevents them from having intense orgasms. In almost every single case, this is not true. There are many reasons why you may not be having regular intense orgasms, and many of them are very easy to address.

First of all, women and men approach sex much differently. Sex is much more of a simple physical function for men, while most women find that they need a serious and stable emotional relationship and connection in order to achieve the state of mind necessary for intense orgasms.

Also, in a casual or less comfortable relationship, you may not have the confidence to truly communicate with your partner. If you cannot feel comfortable asking for what you need during love making, it will be much harder to have intense orgasms. Another factor working against women in the quest to have intense orgasms is the inability to relax. Whether it is because of a new partner or body insecurities, being unable to relax puts the idea of intense orgasms almost completely on the back burner.

How to have intense orgasms

The first step in having intense orgasms is to understand your own body, including what feels good to you and what does not. If intense orgasms are your goal, you cannot be hesitant to explore and understand your own body, on your own time and in an environment that is comfortable to you.

Secondly, you should understand your own mental and emotional needs when it comes to sex. If you are like most women and truly need a deep, emotional connection to truly enjoy sex, you should understand that without that connection, you will find intense, mind blowing orgasms very hard to come by. If you are in a committed and loving relationship, practice being comfortable with asking your partner for what you need and enjoy in bed. Without comfortable communication, you may find it difficult to achieve the intense orgasms you are after.

Lastly, try hard to create a feel of relaxation when it comes time for sex. Whether romantic candle light or a simple massage or hot bath before making love works for you, clearing your mind of all stressful thoughts and being relaxed enough to get lost in the moment through foreplay will go far towards making intense orgasms possible.

Going beyond intense orgasms