Female Sexual Fantasies

Female Orgasm We've often heard that the brain is the most important sexual organ. But what does that really mean? Anyone seeking to learn more about female sexual fantasies must first understand the importance of the mind and the role it plays in sex.

This article discusses the role of the mind in sex and provides information about female sexual fantasies.

The mind as a sexual organ

First, in order to be a sexual being, a woman must feel comfortable thinking of herself as a sexual being. Without this step the female genitalia, in all their wonderful complexity and sensitivity, will not bring any pleasure. If a woman does not think of herself as sexual, she will likely be very uncomfortable engaging in sexual fantasies.

Understanding that you are a sexual being is understanding that you may engage in perverse, kinky or torrid sexual fantasies. We already accept that men do.

Characteristics of female sexual fantasies

Most researchers agree that male and female sexual fantasies are different.

Men fantasize about stereotypically and culturally-defined "beautiful" women who are always sexually available and free of attachments. Men often fantasize about multiple partners. Also men tend to prefer more explicit pornography.

Women often base their fantasies on previous sexual experiences and partners. Women usually emphasize romance and intimacy rather than sexual explicitness.

Common scenarios that are found in female sexual fantasies include:

  • Surrender of control
  • Girl/girl sex
  • Sexual encounter with a stranger
  • Being in charge
  • Incest and inappropriate partners
  • Sex with animals

What do female sexual fantasies mean?

One of the strong mental objections to engaging in sexual fantasies is that they are somehow bad or naughty. In truth, fantasy has absolutely no relationship with reality whatsoever. Fantasizing does not make a woman immoral.

Women who fantasize frequently and vividly tend to be more fulfilled, not less fulfilled, by their current relationship. Additionally, women who fantasize are healthier both mentally and sexually. Many therapists encourage the use of sexual fantasies to overcome sexual problems.

When are female sexual fantasies appropriate?

Always. There's never any time off limits for fantasizing. If you are fantasizing while engaging in sex with your partner, you may choose not to tell him, depending on how open and communicative you are with your partner. It is not cheating to fantasize about someone else while having sex with your partner.

What is appropriate material for female sexual fantasies?

Anything. That's right – even illegal or immoral acts are perfectly okay for fantasy. Women can and do fantasize about violent rape, torture, sex with animals etc. You cannot always help what turns you on as your sexual predilections are set at a rather young age.

Female sexual fantasies have absolutely nothing to do with reality. Fantasizing or dreaming about something does not make you more likely to do it. If that were the case, novelists who write murder mysteries would commit murders – what is a novel but an extended fantasy written down?

Many women engage in mental censorship because they feel that fantasizing about certain forbidden subjects somehow makes them immoral or naughty. Anyone who lets their brain censor their thoughts and fantasies are doing themselves more harm than good.

So remember – fantasize! There's no reason not to engage in female sexual fantasies any time you want. You are not hurting anyone and only bringing pleasure to yourself.