Female Sexual Enhancement Cream

There is a lot of buzz about female sexual enhancement creams. Do they work? Can they really help women have better orgasms? Can they help women overcome female sexual dysfunction?

Female Orgasm The answer is yes.

What are female sexual enhancement creams?

The purpose of these creams is to enhance the sensations felt by the clitoris during stimulation. Since the clitoris has by far the highest concentration of nerve endings than any other part of the female sexual anatomy, clitoral stimulation is vital to achieve female orgasm.

Female sexual enhancement creams contain ingredients that do the following:

  • Increase blood flow to the clitoris. This allows enhanced sensitivity.
  • Directly stimulate the clitoris. Ingredients such as menthol act directly on the mucous membranes, resulting in a pleasant sensation.
  • Increase female sexual hormones. Some botanicals act as estrogen- and progesterone-like compounds which can increase female sex drive.

Our female sexual enhancement cream recommendations

We recently reviewed a female sexual enhancement cream that we would recommend without reservation:


This product has been around for many years. Vcream's active ingredients include L-Arginine, wild yam and menthol. The combination increases blood flow to the clitoris while enhancing the sensations almost immediately. Regular use of the product seems to have a cumulative effect which leads to enhanced clitoral sensitivity -- and more frequent, better orgasms.

The writer of this article personally knows a woman who never had an orgasm until she started to use Vcream. Dozens of others have had their very first multiple orgasms after trying Vcream. There are almost too many good things to say about this product. Try it today and experience more powerful and more frequent orgasms.

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