Female Sex Drive

Female Orgasm Historically, female sex drive was estimated to be much lower than male sex drive. In our modern world, we realize this is no longer true. Men and women have about the same libido levels.

In a normal and healthy woman, the female sex drive varies according to the monthly cycle, hormone balance, stress levels and other factors. Large numbers of women complain of a complete lack of female sex drive. Lack of sex drive is not always related to lack of orgasms.

This article discusses the role of female sex drive in sexual relationships and some treatments for reduced female sex drive.

How common is reduced or nonexistent female sex drive?

Unfortunately, the complaint of low female sex drive is very common. Large numbers of women complain to their doctors of reduced sex drive every day. Reduced female sex drive should not be confused with difficulty in orgasm. Women with low libido are still frequently able to orgasm normally – they just don't want to.

Many women get over their reduced sex drive by themselves, but others require assistance.

What causes reduced female sex drive?

There are physical and psychological causes of reduced female sex drive.

Physical causes can include:

  • Stress (probably the #1 cause)
  • Alcoholism or drug abuse
  • Anemia
  • Diabetes or other generalized disorders
  • Prescription drugs (especially SSRIs and tranquilizers)

Psychological causes of reduced female sex drive can include:

  • Depression
  • Stress and its mental effects
  • Anxiety
  • Discomfort with partner or relationship
  • Female sexual dysfunction

How can reduced female sex drive be treated?

The first step is to engage in an open and frank discussion with your partner. This can help clear up any relationship-based anxieties or issues that can negatively impact female sex drive.

Physical causes can involve a visit to your doctor. Reduced female sex drive can be a side effect of a larger health issue. Doctors can also potentially identify reduced sex drive as the side effect or symptom of a prescription drug or health concern.

Some products exist that can help restore the diminished female sex drive. We recommend using FemElle, an herbal sex drive enhancer containing nitric oxide promoting ingredients (used by sexual therapists to treat female sexual dysfunction).

For psychological causes of reduced female sex drive, individual or couple counseling may be necessary. A visit to the doctor may be in order for a possible diagnosis of female sexual dysfunction or female sexual arousal disorder.