Female Orgasm Techniques

Female Orgasm Women who regularly have orgasms may or may not have special female orgasm techniques at their fingertips. But they are different from women who do not have orgasms.

Orgasmic women are far more likely to masturbate regularly. They engage in a rich and varied fantasy life. They own at least one sex toy and possibly more. Many enjoy erotic movies or stories as well. And they likely have examined their genitalia, understand the basics of female sexual anatomy and don't have hangups about their bodies.

This self-exploration and willingness to remain open-minded about sex are the ultimate female orgasm techniques.

Mental Female Orgasm Techniques

Know thyself

This is by far the most important female orgasm technique. Explore your body, alone and with your partner. Learn about your anatomy and what kinds of touch feel good to you. Examine your genitalia in a mirror. Not only will this teach you even more about your body and your sexual responses, it will also help you become accustomed to yourself. If nothing else, you must know yourself.

Get turned on

When you want to have an orgasm, don't forget that you need the right frame of mind. Indulge in a steamy fantasy or enjoy some erotic stories or videos to get yourself in the mood.

Physical Female Orgasm Techniques

Try a vibrator

Women and couples who use vibrators usually experience more and better orgasms. Read up on them and pick one that's right for you.

Tease yourself

The goal isn't to reach orgasm -- it's to enjoy yourself. Using your vibrator or your hands or another sex toy, stimulate yourself in different places. Pay attention to your clit but don't neglect your vagina, breasts, thighs, neck and butt.

The more stimulation you give yourself, the longer you draw out your play, the more intense your orgasms will be.

Your erogenous zones

Remember that you have many sensitive parts. Your clitoris is the most sensitive spot, but your nipples and lips and things aren't far behind. Spread the love around.


When you're with your partner, you must be willing to give instructions. And your partner must be willing to receive them. The best female orgasm techniques are those that you develop on your own -- and those are the ones you will enjoy the most.