Female Masturbation

Female Orgasm Many people, male and female, have questions about female masturbation. This article will provide a general overview of female masturbation and dispel some myths about the subject.

What is female masturbation?

Old euphemisms for masturbation made it sound genuinely horrible – "self abuse" or "sexual defilement" are just a couple. Masturbation was perceived as sinful, unhealthy and even as a sign of insanity.

Today doctors and researchers recognize that masturbation is a normal, healthy part of a person's sexual life.

We define masturbation as the stimulation of one's self to give one's self pleasure. That's all. There are no anatomical specifics because there are sensitive and erotic areas all over the body that might be stimulated during masturbation.

Who masturbates?

Recent polls indicate that approximately 80% of women masturbate regularly. Girls as young as 2, and even younger, have been observed to deliberately masturbate themselves to orgasm (see? it's perfectly natural).

Additional interesting facts:

  • On average, women discover masturbation in their early teens.
  • Due to hormone replacement therapy, post-menopausal women's desires are intact and therefore more older women masturbate regularly.
  • Women masturbate both in and out of steady relationships. Masturbation is not a negative reflection on any relationship.
  • Women masturbate as much as 5 times a day, or as rarely as a few times a year.

What female masturbation techniques are used?

Women use their hands, stuffed animals, sex toys and vibrators, washing machines and other things to masturbate. For more, read Female Masturbation Techniques.

Is female masturbation healthy?

Yes. Not only is female masturbation healthy, repressing normal sexual urges is unhealthy.

Female masturbation can have the following beneficial health effects:

  • Stress relief
  • Works great as an insomnia aid
  • Helps stimulate the immune system
  • Releases hormones which elevate mood and can help fight depression
  • Helps relieve menstrual cramps

Is masturbation a sin?

Different religions have answered that question in different ways. Ultimately, we each have to decide for ourselves whether our creator would give us these wonderful, pleasure-filled bodies and then forbid us to use them.

What's the best way to learn more about female masturbation?

If you're a woman, the best way to learn more is to experiment with your body. Take the time to examine your genitals and what kinds of touch bring you pleasure. Learn new female masturbation techniques and discover which ones work best for you.

If you're a man, talk to your partner. Ask her what works best for her. Engage in an open and frank dialogue about masturbation. There's also a lot of information available on this website and online about female masturbation.

Keep an open mind and be prepared to drop your preconceptions about female masturbation.