Female Masturbation Techniques

Female Orgasm For those of you who need a little more variety in your lives, we offer this collection of female masturbation techniques. Remember that a technique is only good if it works for you. There's no right or wrong way to masturbate.

Try something new – you might like it.


The most common female masturbation technique. Most women begin masturbating using their hands at an extremely young age. Try these techniques:

Using your thumb and index finger, gently grasp your clitoris. Now, starting slowly, roll it back and forth between the tips of your fingers. Pick up the pace and pressure as you get more excited.

This female masturbation technique is not for everyone, but for some women it can provide excellent results. Use your left hand to pull your labia open and expose your clitoris. Now, using your right index finger, give you clitoris a light tap. Keep tapping, varying the speed and firmness as you get more turned on.

This pulse of pleasure can create an unbelievable orgasm.

Simply place the first two fingers of either hand over your clitoris and rub gently in a circular motion. This technique can bring you to orgasm in seconds. For variety, include some water-based lube.

Variations on these simple digital methods are the core of female masturbation techniques.

Female Sexual Enhancement Creams

Whether they suffer from female sexual dysfunction or simply have an insufficiently sensitive clitoris, many women cannot reach orgasm through masturbation, no matter which techniques they use.

We recommend the use of a female sexual enhancement cream containing Korean Ginseng. These creams increase the sensitivity of the clitoris, for more sensitivity and better orgasms. There seems to be a cumulative effect -- that regular use of this type of cream boosts blood flow and clitoral sensitivity. We recommend Vcream.


In the shower, stand so that the spray of water strikes your vagina and clitoris directly. This sometimes isn't quite enough to bring you to orgasm alone, so throw in some rubbing as well.

A variation on this technique is laying in the bathtub with your legs in the air, and letting the gush of water from the faucet splash over your vagina and clitoris. Many, many women learned to masturbate this way.

If you're lucky enough to have a jacuzzi or pool, the jets on the side are another great watery method of bringing yourself to orgasm.


A vibrator is an excellent female masturbation technique. A vibrator never gets tired and can provide extremely intense orgasms. For more about this technique, read Ways to use a vibrator.

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Hands off

There are a few great female masturbation techniques that don't require the use of hands at all. The thigh squeeze can be done so discreetly that you could masturbate in a busy restaurant and no one would know.

Simply squeeze your thighs together and relax. If you are alone, lay on your back and cross and uncross your legs. This provides an exquisitely teasing sensation that slowly brings you to orgasm.

This is the way most girls learn to masturbate. Humping is rubbing yourself against something else – a pillow or stuffed animal, the arm of the couch, even the seam of your jeans. Just rub back and forth against the object until you reach orgasm.

This time-honored trick consists of sitting on top of a washing machine in its spin cycle. Often, you don't have to do anything but sit there to have a mind-blowing orgasm. Sometimes, humping against the corner of the washing machine is even better but use a towel as padding if you're afraid of bruising yourself.

Try everything you can think of. Remember, the best masturbation techniques are the ones that work for you.