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Female masturbation story 1: Riding the waterfall

I learned to masturbate when I was 14. I overheard my older sister and her friends talking about orgasms one night and I didn't know what they meant. My sister talked about "riding the waterfall" and later on I asked her about it. That's when you take a bath and spread your legs under the faucet, she told me. That night I tried it. At first I didn't quite understand, but then I got the water right on my clitoris and it felt SO good. I had to cover my face up with a washcloth it felt so good. After that, my sister helped me order a quiet vibrator. I've been masturbating ever since.

Female masturbation story 2: Mixing it up

This is going to sound weird. But I first masturbated with a hand blender.

I was baking a cake. While I was mixing the batter with the blender I started to rub against the counter. The vibrating blender in my hand felt good. I was humping the counter. When I realized it I stopped. I was home by myself. I took the blades out of the mixer. I turned the mixer on and held it against my crotch. I could not believe how good it felt. I almost fell down when I had that orgasm. That was my first ever orgasm.

When I told my best friend about it she laughed. She told me to get a vibrator.

Female masturbation story 3: Hot tub hijinks

When I was thirteen, my dad got a promotion and he had a jacuzzi installed on the back porch. I used to lay in there for hours in the summer, reading. I'd position myself so that the water jets would massage my back or my neck.

Then one evening I was in the hot tub alone and I had an idea. I turned around and sort of laid down against one of the water jets. It felt amazing, almost like a powerful finger probed against my body but without any friction at all. I finally worked myself into the right position and I had the most amazing orgasm, so good I let go of the side of the jacuzzi and fell back into the water.

When I went inside, walking kind of slow and stupid, my mom looked at me. "You've been spending too much time in that hot tub," she told me. I thought to myself, you have no idea.

Female masturbation story 4: Saved by the cream

I was 28 years old, married, two beautiful sons, and I never had an orgasm in my whole life. My doctor said it was female sexual dysfunction, and he recommended I try something called Vcream.

I didn't really know what all the fuss was about. I mean, sex was fun and felt kind of good. Masturbating just got boring after a while -- nothing ever happened. Until I tried this cream and a vibrator. The first couple of tries even after the cream were still duds. My doctor had told me to masturbate twice a day, and I did, just like I was taking medicine. But on the third day... Wow. At first I couldn't believe what was happening to me. It was like I had stepped out of the front door and fallen out of an airplane instead of stepping onto the street.

My husband found me in the bedroom two hours later, just laying there panting and smiling. Then we had sex -- real sex but I used the vibrator on my clitoris -- and I had my first screaming all-over orgasm. It really changed my life. Now my husband and I love to have sex (I'm 35) at least 5 times a week and I'm afraid I'm going to wear him out. But I still have my trusty vibrator and I still use Vcream.


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