Erotic Massage

Female Orgasm Erotic massage is a fantastic method of foreplay or for convincing a partner who's not in the mood that she really is in the mood. Basic massage techniques are easy to learn and a great addition to your erotic skill set.

Erotic Massage: Getting Ready

First, atmosphere is important. Turn down the lights, turn off the TV. Light a couple candles and some incense. Put on some relaxing music - not commercial radio but a CD on repeat play.

Make sure that your work area will be relaxing for your partner. Have a pillow and a towel handy, as well as your massage oils and vibrator or any other tools you'll be needing. You don't want to start the massage and then have to get up to fetch something you forgot.

Make sure your fingernails are trimmed and smooth, snag-free.

Erotic Massage: Getting Started

You are going to focus all your attention on your partner, who should be naked and prone on her stomach. Start a gentle massage -- keep your hands in contact with your partner. Keep your strokes rhythmic and vary between long gentle strokes and shorter, deeper strokes.

Start on the lower and upper back, then move onto the neck, the thighs and the feet. Use sufficient massage oil so your hands glide smoothly, without much friction. After your partner is completely relaxed, turn her over onto her back.

Now massage her arms and chest. Tease her genitals by stroking her inner thighs and lightly touching her. At this point, you should probably move into more explicit pleasuring, but get your partner's permission first. Don't ask, but cup her genitals and look into her eyes. Based on her reaction, continue to touch her genitalia or return to massaging her body.

Pay attention to her reactions and level of arousal for cues for moving into clitoral stimulation.

Erotic Massage Tips

- Remember to breathe. Take slow deep breaths, which will help to keep you relaxed.

- Communicate. Ask your partner for feedback, ask her how this feels and whether she prefers this stroke or that one. Communication will help you both feel relaxed and comfortable.

- It's all about your partner. You are performing erotic massage specifically for her. Don't forget that. If she needs you to stop, do so. If she falls asleep, blow out the candles and let her have a nice nap.

- Don't get frustrated. Remain calm -- even if all your moves aren't relaxing your partner. Talk to her, ask questions, and if this isn't a good time for erotic massage, take a rain check. Negative energy or bad feelings will spoil a massage.

Recommended Erotic Massage Accessories

Hot Massage Oil

Goes on delicate and smooth, silky without being oily. Our favorite is "Ecstasy" - which it surely brings to your lucky partner. Tip: warm your massage oil to body temperature or warmer for a sensual treat on application.

If you or your partner prefer scentless oil, we highly recommend System JO Unscented oil.

Infrared Rechargeable Massager

This little gem uses infrared energy to add heat to its massage motions. Comes with several attachments for the just-right sensation. No power cord to hassle with -- it comes with rechargeable batteries and a charger. Enough juice for over an hour of massage. Paired with Hot Massage Oil, your partner will be so relaxed they'll need help standing up.

Fukuoku Massage Glove

Get ready for an unbelievable treat! This amazing glove has vibrators in each fingertip massaging at 45,000 pulses per minute when turned to full power. The massage glove turns your hand into magic. Also waterproof so you can play in the bathtub.

Champagne Lights Scented Candles

An inexpensive and classy touch of romance. French vanilla is a pleasant, calming scent appropriate for massage or any intimate moment.