Clitoral Stimulation

Female Orgasm Every woman prefers different types of clitoral stimulation. Sometimes, the same woman likes different types of clitoral stimulation at different times. What's a guy to do?

This article discusses different options for clitoral stimulation that both men and women can take advantage of.

Clitoral stimulation options

An astonishing array of items can be used to for clitoral stimulation. Women regularly masturbate with water jets (in the shower) and stuffed animals as well as fingers and hands. There are a wide variety of vibrators available for clitoral stimulation as well – learn more at Ways to use a vibrator and Female masturbation techniques.

A great way to learn what types of clitoral stimulation work best for you or your partner is to explore. Try new things. And communicate – an open and frank dialogue is better than a top-of-the-line vibrator at bringing you sexual pleasure.

Clitoral stimulation guidelines

Different women prefer different types of clitoral stimulation. The same techniques and toys just don't work for everyone.

Never use anything that's not clean for direct clitoral stimulation. Bad hygiene can result in infections.

Go easy! Many women use electric toothbrushes as clitoral stimulation devices. This is a bad idea because the bristles can damage the tissues of the clitoris. Find a proper vibrator for this job.

Communicate. Ask questions. Listen when they're answered. Watch for body language, positive and negative.

Clitoral stimulation techniques

There are a wide variety of clitoral stimulation techniques. The best way for a man to discover what works for his partner is to watch her masturbate. Sometimes, couples aren't comfortable with this arrangement.

Articles that address specific clitoral stimulation techniques include clitoral massage, female masturbation techniques and ways to use a vibrator.

Clitoral stimulation expectations

Sometimes, men or couples place far too much importance on clitoral stimulation. There should never be a purpose or an agenda in the bedroom beyond having a good time. Not all clitoral stimulation leads to orgasm – that is a fact. But lack of orgasm does not mean lack of enjoyment.