Whipped Cream Sex?

Dear folks at Female Orgasm,

I have a question about whipped cream - sex with whipped cream is a lot of fun I think but it might be bad for me. Is it possible that whipped cream and sex are not compatible? Or is whipped cream okay with sex?

Thank you very much.

Dear Chloe,

Whipped cream sex is perfectly with a single exception. You don't want to get whipped cream inside your vagina, as the sugars in whipped cream can lead to bacterial or yeast infections.

Other than that, you can go crazy. Don't give yourself an upset stomach, though. And be sure to let both you and your partner have control of the whipped cream. Put it on yourself where you want him to lick and vice versa.

Whipped cream makes a great addition to foreplay, cunnilingus, vaginal sex and just about anything else you can imagine. Lots of people play sex games with whipped cream -- so, unless you're diabetic, have fun.