Is it safe to suck on a condom?

Dear Female,

I know that I need to use a condom to practice safe sex, even when it is oral sex. When I am giving my boyfriend oral sex is it safe to suck on a condom? Will I get sick? Is there a kind of condom that's better to suck on than others?


Dear Lucy,

In a word, yes -- unless you're allergic to latex, it's perfectly safe to suck on a condom. Condoms are the best way to make oral sex safe.

If you are allergic to latex, then your boyfriend will need to use vinyl condoms or another hypo-allergenic type.

There are definitely some kinds of condoms that are more pleasant to suck on than others. First, don't use lubricated or spermicidal condoms -- they taste the worst. If you suck on a condom that has nonoxynol-9 spermicide on it, your lips and tongue may feel numb, but don't worry. That's totally normal.

To take the rubbery-latex taste away, you can unroll a condom and wash it with mild soap and water. You can put a little flavored lube on it afterward to give it a more pleasant taste.

Another excellent choice is flavored condoms. They're inexpensive and are designed not only to be safe to suck on, but also to taste good. If you enjoy the taste of the condom, your boyfriend is going to enjoy himself a lot more.

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