What is female ejaculation?

Dear Female Orgasm.md,
What is female ejaculation? Does it feel different than a regular orgasm? If I wanted to have a female ejaculation, what would I do?


Dear Squirty,

Female ejaculation is a fairly simple and straightforward phenomenon that has sparked books claiming that female ejaculation is a myth, a cottage industry of explicit movies and how-to guides and thousands of questions just like yours.

Here's the truth about female ejaculation:

Female ejaculation is the release of fluid from a woman's urethra during orgasm.

When this phenomenon was first reported in America, most doctors assumed the women who ejaculated were simply losing control of their bladders during orgasm.

This is due to two important elements: first, the ejaculate comes out of the urethra. So doctors assumed it must be pee. (By the way, a man's ejaculation comes out of his urethra, too – yet no one says a man's peeing when he's having an orgasm.)

Second, doctors couldn't see what biological or evolutionary role female ejaculation served. Because female ejaculation isn't important for reproduction, it must not be real. (Many doctors believed this about female orgasm, but recent research has shown that a woman who has an orgasm during sex is more likely to get pregnant.)

Most women report that female ejaculation orgasms do indeed feel different from "normal" orgasms. This type of orgasm is described as more intense and longer-lasting. And, of course, there's the ejaculate.

To learn more about how to get started, read female ejaculation techniques. Also take a look at female ejaculation fluid to learn more about female ejaculate.

Remember – don't let yourself become too goal-oriented. Exploration and enjoyment are a lot more important than what kind of orgasm you have. So if female ejaculation doesn't happen for you, don't fret. Focus instead on what does work for you.

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