What is female ejaculation fluid?

Dear Female Orgasm staff,

Sometimes when I have an orgasm I experience female ejaculation. My boyfriend thinks I'm just peeing. I've told him it's not pee, it's different, but I don't know if he believes me.

Can you tell me exactly what it is?

Thank you!!!
No Diaper Needed

Dear No Diaper,

First off, congratulations on your own squirting – you're doing something that many women want to do.

The short answer to your question is, you're right and your boyfriend is wrong. Many researchers (mostly men) agreed with your boyfriend for decades, and said female ejaculation fluid was just urine. But women who have drained their bladders have still been capable of female ejaculation.

According to the latest studies, female ejaculation fluid is quite different from urine. The main components of the ejaculate are water, glucose (sugar), prostate acid phosphatase (an enzyme previously thought only to be produced by the male prostate) along with two components of urine – creatinine and urea. Overall, female ejaculation fluid has more in common with male ejaculate (minus the sperm) than it does with urine.

The fluid is much thinner and more watery than the vaginal secretions that provide lubrication during sex.

Female ejaculation fluid seems to be created by the paraurethral or Skene's glands, which line a portion of the female urethra. Tickling the G spot during sex or masturbation seems to be the only way to cause female ejaculation. Presumably, G spot stimulation leads to female ejaculation the same way that prostate massage leads to a more intense ejaculation for men.

The volume of female ejaculation fluid varies from woman to woman, anywhere from a few milliliters to half a cup. Ejaculations of up to two cups of female ejaculation fluid have been reported, but those simply don't seem credible.