Erection Enhancement

I really need erection enhancement. I know there are a lot of erection enhancement products available but I don't know which one will really work best. Are penis pumps better, or stretchers, or exercises, or pills? I just don't know which to try.

Dear Reader,

We receive dozens of emails every week asking this type of question. True, there are a lot of erection enhancement options on the market. We'll give you the lowdown on the different erection enhancement options

Penis pumps for erection enhancement

Penis pumps work by removing air from a chamber, using vacuum pressure to draw blood into the penis. Penis pumps are the most effective short-term erection enhancer, but the results are only short-term. After one to two hours, the penis will resume its normal size and shape. Therefore penis pumps are only suitable for right-now situations.

Our favorite penis pump is the Male Power Pump.

Cock rings for erection enhancement

Cock rings are a simple, easy tool for enhancing erections during sex. Read more about cock rings here. Cock rings shouldn't be so tight that they affect your erection more than just a little bit -- more can lead to difficulties.

Shop for cock rings.

Erection enhancement pills

Several herbal formulations are designed to boost male sexual health, prostate health and circulation to provide erection enhancement. These pills are the easiest way to solve the problem but work best when used in concert with other erection enhancement methods.

We recommend Endowmax erection enhancement pills.

Exercises for erection enhancement

Kegel exercises increase blood flow to the penis which leads to longer-lasting, harder erections. Kegel exercises should be incorporated into any erection enhancement program.

Penis stretchers for erection enhancement

We do not recommend using penis stretchers. They do work for extending penis length but also can strain the ligaments of the pelvis and can cause penis injuries.

The ultimate erection enhancement regimen

For anyone who's really serious about erection enhancement, we would recommend this program:

  1. Endowmax erection enhancement pills, two per day
  2. Kegel exercises, three sets thee times per day
  3. Penis pump, twice per day (not before sex)
  4. Cock ring used during sex

This routine will definitely improve your erections and hopefully your confidence and sex life.