Erection Creams

Dear Female Orgasm MD,

I am curious to try erection creams so I can stay hard when I'm having sex. Do erection creams really work? What do they do? How can I stay hard longer?


Dear Quicktime,

Most erection creams are designed to minimize or completely eliminate the sensations felt by your penis during sex. Some of them contain benzocaine, which is a topical anesthetic usually used in sore-throat sprays and the like.

Erection creams can desensitize your penis to the degree that you don't even feel anything during sex. Is that what you want? Additionally, erection creams don't just affect you -- they also affect your partner. Do you want your partner to be able to feel during sex?

Some erection creams have ingredients that can irritate the penis. The lining of the vagina, which is even more sensitive, is frequently irritated by erection creams.

For all these reasons, we think erection creams are a bad idea.

As an alternate, we recommend the use of cock rings. The right sized cock ring will make your erection harder and even slightly larger and will enable you to last longer. When you do achieve orgasm, the orgasm will feel more intense.

You should also consider daily kegel exercises and taking a male sexual enhancement herbal supplement. All these things are better and more effective solutions than erection creams.