Condom stuck inside the vagina

Female Orgasm,

I was having sex with my husband and his condom came off and now the condom is stuck inside my vagina. What should I do?


Dear Nervous,

First off, don't worry. This happens from time to time. When you're relaxed, lie on your back and use your fingers to find and remove the condom. Just pull it right out. If, after fully exploring your vagina, you can't find the condom, you may need to go to your doctor to have it removed. Condoms are slippery but can sometimes adhere to the wall of the vagina and get stuck.

Condoms get stuck in the vagina, anus and sometimes even slip off in the mouth. It happens. But, if you get a condom stuck in your vagina after your husband has reached orgasm, it's possible you could get pregnant from the stuck condom. After he reaches orgasm, he should grab the base of the condom as he withdraws from you.

Remember, relax and let your fingers do the walking. Good luck.