Blue Balls

I have a question about blue balls. When I fool around with my girlfriend, after a couple of hours my testicles start to ache and throb. They're so sensitive sometimes I have to take my pants off because I can't stand the cloth touching me. My friends say this is blue balls, and the only way to get rid of them is to jerk off. Is that true? And what is blue balls?

Thank you for your help.
Am I blue

Dear Am I blue,

Blue balls (also known as pelvic congestion) happens to just about every man at some point in his life. Blue balls is caused when blood, which concentrates in the penis and testicles during arousal, can't flow out again as fast as it has flowed in. This can cause extreme discomfort, achiness, and soreness.

The good news is blue balls doesn't last too long. Over time your body's blood flow will gradually re-adjust itself and the soreness and discomfort will go away.

One way to help get rid of blue balls is to have an orgasm. This will help your body return to its previous state much faster. Even if you don't have an orgasm, though, blue balls will eventually go away.

Women have their own version of blue balls, called pelvic congestion. Women can experience lasting soreness and discomfort, and even clitoral swelling that doesn't subside for hours or even days after sexual stimulation. Fortunately, orgasm almost always alleviates these symptoms in women, too.

So if you're experiencing those symptoms after fooling around, with no orgasm, then you probably have blue balls. Don't worry – it'll go away whether you have an orgasm or not.