Achieve Female Orgasm

Female Orgasm Some women and couples perceive achieving female orgasm as the most important element of sexual intercourse. This is not the case – so long as you both enjoy yourselves, there is no reason to overemphasize female orgasm.

If you do not experience orgasm at all during sex play, these guidelines will help you and your partner achieve female orgasm.

Remember – patience, communication and an open mind are all that are required to achieve female orgasm.

Self-knowledge: The key to female orgasm

Women who know how to achieve female orgasm are generally women who masturbate. They know what kinds of stimulation they like and where they like it. They are more likely to have examined their own genitalia and are less inhibited about their bodies, less embarrassed by them.

In order to empower yourself in your sexual life, you must explore your own body. Practice masturbation, fantasize, try new sex toys and sex games. You should be an expert on your own body – if you don't know these things about yourself, who will?

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Emotional needs

Women usually cannot achieve orgasm unless their emotional needs are being met. Women in committed, monogamous relationships are more likely to achieve orgasm. This is because these women's emotional needs, the feelings of support, safety and trust, are more likely being fulfilled.

Sexual intimacy with a partner can create a strong bond. If you are not certain about that partner, you may be hesitant to create that bond. You may be unconsciously holding back during sex.

This can be a warning sign as well. If you are having difficulty reaching orgasm in your current relationship is it possible that there's a question of trust?

Foreplay leads to better female orgasms

Many couples do not spend sufficient time engaging in foreplay before moving on to intercourse. This is a common complaint.

In order to create the optimal environment for achieving female orgasm, you and your partner should engage in foreplay until you are excited and ready for intercourse. Talk to your partner about foreplay. Discuss your likes and dislikes, your fantasies. Having an open and honest dialogue with your partner can help minimize and even head off potential sexual problems. When you've explored your body and know what you like, you can share this information with your partner.

Remember that foreplay is as much a part of sex as intercourse is.

Patience and practice

Achieving female orgasm is not like running a race. There is no goal – only the process, the experience, of stimulation. Many women start thinking of an orgasm as the finish line of their personal race when instead they should pay attention to the path they are running.

Only with patience and practice will you be able to avoid frustration and to persist in the exploration of your body and your unique sexual response. Remember this if nothing else: patience and practice are the keys to achieving female orgasm.