Orgasmic contractions – how they make orgasms better

Female Orgasm There are a surprising number of women in the world who have never had an orgasm, and thus do not know how orgasmic contractions, and the strength of the orgasmic contractions, are what really makes for better orgasms. For those women who have had orgasms, there are still some who do not know that the stronger the orgasmic contractions are, the better the orgasm will be.

The science behind orgasms

The first step in achieving stronger orgasmic contractions is understanding exactly how orgasms work. When you break down the science and biology behind orgasmic contractions, a lot of the mystery simply falls away.

In simple terms, women can orgasms from either clitoral or vaginal stimulation, or both, though orgasms from clitoral stimulation are much more common. When a woman's body is properly stimulated, the body causes the muscles of the vagina to contract, serving both the purpose of making impregnation easier, as well as producing an extremely pleasurable sensation.

The stronger the orgasmic contractions are, the better the orgasm feels. The more aroused and deeply involved in the love making a woman is, the stronger the orgasmic contractions will be. The key to a powerful orgasm (and even multiple orgasm) are these orgasmic contractions.

Why some women have weak orgasmic contractions

Now that you understand what orgasmic contractions are, you may be wondering why some women have strong orgasmic contractions and some women have weaker orgasmic contractions. You should not fall into the trap of thinking there is something wrong with you or your body that causes you to have weaker orgasmic contractions.

The truth is, that for women, a lot more goes into powerful orgasmic contractions than simply the physical act. If you are insecure in your relationship or do not feel a deep connection with your partner, you are not as likely to achieve the state of mental connection necessary for some women to have strong orgasmic contractions. Also, limited time spent on foreplay and increasing arousal can really bring down the strength of orgasmic contractions.

Women who find it difficult to vocalize or indicate what they like and need in bed are often selling themselves short, avoiding what they need to increase the power of their orgasmic contractions.

Lastly, if you are stressed out about work, your own body, your partner or any number of things, the tense feeling that carries over into sex will severely limit your ability to have strong orgasmic contractions.

Mind-blowing orgasms with stronger orgasmic contractions

Tips and Tricks for Orgasmic Contractions Every Time

The best way to make sure that you have strong orgasmic contractions with every orgasm is to know yourself and what you need to reach a mind blowing orgasm. Once you know your own body and what feels good to you, you can express to your partner what you prefer in bed. Of course, this requires that you be in a relationship in which you and your significant other are comfortable expressing such things to each other. Luckily, this type of relationship also often extends to the deep intimacy and emotional connection that helps with achieving powerful orgasmic contractions as well.

Connection and communication are not all that is needed, however. While communicating with and being close to your partner are huge factors for most women, you must also be in the proper state of mind to have a mind blowing orgasm.

Find ways to leave behind the stresses of the day and life. Before engaging in sex, you can try taking a hot bath with scented oils, or practice any other activities that help you to feel relaxed and comfortable. Being relaxed and lost in the moment is the main key to having powerful orgasmic contractions.

Once you learn how to leave the outside world behind and lose yourself completely with your partner, orgasmic contractions will come on strongly every time.