Oral Sex on a Man

Female Orgasm This guide will explain the basics of giving oral sex to a man. The most important point is, as always, open communication. If your partner tells you what he likes, then you don't have to guess. Any time you try something new, you should be able to ask him whether he enjoyed it or not. It's never a bad idea to ask your partner for pointers.

Techniques for oral sex on a man: doing it right

First, use a condom unless you're in a long-term monogamous relationship with a partner you trust. Flavored condoms are available. Or, apply a flavored water-based lube like Good Head Gel to a regular latex condom.

The key to fellatio is to mimic with the mouth the sensations of intercourse. All you really need to do is keep moving your mouth up and down. That's really it. Guys are simple.

Deep-throating, or taking the penis all the way into your mouth, isn't really very important. Some guys really like it – but consider that you have a gag reflex for a reason, and you really don't want to throw up on his groin during an intimate moment. If you are interested in deep-throating during oral sex, take as much of his penis into your mouth as you can once or twice during each session. Eventually you'll be able to take more and more in without triggering your gag reflex.

There's more to oral sex than the penis

Don't just focus on the penis. Remember to stroke or lick the thighs and the testicles. Some men love having their prostates stimulated during sex.

Most guys are incredibly turned on when a woman swallows their semen. Unfortunately, semen isn't exactly Haagen-Daz – it's usually bitter, vaguely pool-water-flavored and viscous.

If you aren't comfortable swallowing, make sure your partner knows to signal you when he's about to come. Use your hands to stimulate him while he orgasms and worry about cleanup later.

And now…

The crease on the underside of the head of the penis, the frenulum, is the most sensitive spot. The entire glans (head) is more sensitive than the rest of the penis.

Don't forget to use your hands during oral sex. Cup or stroke the testicles, stroke the thighs, massage the prostate – keep those hands moving. You can also encircle the base of the penis with your fingers while moving your mouth up and down – this helps give similar sensations to deep throating.

Keep an eye on the testicles. They tend to creep up toward the body when he's about to reach orgasm.

Be careful not to let your teeth touch his penis. Guys don't like the feeling and have even been known to panic when feeling nips and nibbles down there.

Get comfy: body position during oral sex

If at all possible, make sure that his penis and your throat are at least somewhat aligned. That makes just about everything easier.

The standard position is for the man to lie down on his back and the woman to lie or kneel between his legs. Many men are turned on by watching women go down on them (it's like starring in a porn flick), and this is a good position for watching.

Another position is to lie on your back with your head tilted forward and let the man sit atop your chest and thrust his penis in and out of your mouth. You have much less control this way and must be careful not to let him thrust so deeply he triggers your gag reflex. One of you should consider holding the base of his penis to prevent this.

In the mutual oral sex or "69" position, you can perform oral sex on one another. It's easy to get distracted if one or the other of you does a particularly good job. Also, it's better for the woman to be on top to keep the man's thrusting under control.

The most important oral sex tip, though, is communication. Talking about what you like and don't like with your partner saves time and embarrassment in the bedroom. And having a partner you can talk frankly to is a great first step in any relationship.