Female Multiple Orgasms

Female Orgasm We've all heard about multiple female orgasms, but as many as 2/3 of women have never experienced multiple orgasms. Multiple female orgasms are real, and within the grasp of most women who are interested in experiencing them.

This article discusses multiple female orgasms and how women and couples can experience them.

Do multiple female orgasms really exist?

Yes. In order to understand why, you have to understand the sexual response cycle. Basically, men go through a period where they are incapable of having another orgasm (lasting from minutes to days). Women don't have this stage of sexual response. Therefore, a woman can reach orgasm again after the first.

Why don't I have multiple female orgasms?

There are many reasons why you might not be experiencing multiple female orgasms. During intercourse, most women don't reach orgasm unless their clitoris is being stimulated. Make sure you or your partner stimulates your clitoris during intercourse.

The clitoris is usually very sensitive after the first orgasm, so continued stimulation should be very light or indirect.

After her first orgasm, a woman generally slips slightly away from orgasm. Deep breathing and relaxation will help restore her to the brink of orgasm.

In order to experience multiple orgasms, your partner will need to postpone or forego his own pleasure.

Finally, some women simply don't enjoy stimulation continued beyond the first orgasm. In this case there's no reason to continue. Don't allow yourself or your partner to become focused beyond reason on multiple orgasms.

Products for multiple female orgasms

Some doctors and sex therapists recommend the use of topical creams that contain L-arginine. These sexual enhancers increase the blood flow to the clitoris, thereby increasing sensitivity and sexual response for many women.

One such product that works for many women is Vcream. Vcream has helped many women have their first multiple orgasms.

Proper mindset for multiple female orgasms

Women who do experience multiple orgasms have a few things in common. They tend to be women who have examined their own genitalia and are familiar with their equipment. They tend to be women who masturbate frequently and engage in frequent sexual fantasies. They are more likely to have open and frank sexual discussions with their partners.

Whether or not you want to experience multiple orgasms, you should emulate these multiply-orgasmic women. They have happy and fulfilling sexual lives, and that's a goal every woman should strive for.