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Female Orgasm Anyone who has tried more than a few sex lubes has a favorite. But most people stop there. We've evaluated dozens and dozens to bring this list down to only the very best lubes you can buy.

Of the hundreds of sex lubes currently available on the market, these are our favorites.

Best water-based lube:

Probe Personal Lube Classic

It's a little thicker and stringier than most water-based lubes, which make it exceptionally good for anal sex. It's odorless, tasteless, doesn't stain and harmless if swallowed. It's made of very simple ingredients and uses a citrus extract instead of preservatives. You should probably drink a gallon of this stuff every day. Hands down, the best water-based lube we've ever tried.

Runner-up: Astroglide

It's thin, it's slippery, it doesn't have a chemical taste or much of a smell. The Astroglide formula feels very similar to natural vaginal secretions. Not as suitable for anal play because it's so thin. Never feels greasy and doesn't get sticky. Astroglide is one of the best lubes available.

Best silicon-based lube:

Pjur Eros Bodyglide

This German lube is thicker than water-based lubes, but it goes on and spreads easy. Incredibly slick, almost friction-free, and lasts longer than anything else we've ever tried. It's like magic in the hot tub. Odor-free, dermatologically tested and non-toxic -- you can use it everyday if you want. Absolutely the best silicon lube we've ever seen. (Remember - don't use with silicon or cyberskin toys.)

Runner-up: Wet Platinum Lube

A very close second. Wet Platinum feels like silk and lasts a long, long time. An excellent choice for anal sex and for underwater play. Also makes an excellent body massage gel. An all-around excellent lube.

Best flavored lube:

Astroglide Sensual Strawberry

All the qualities of Astroglide lube (above) with a really good strawberry taste. Doesn't have a chemical flavor or aftertaste like a lot of flavored lubes. Lubricates as well as the original with a thin and slippery texture. You need a spoon with this stuff. Definitely the best flavored lube we've ever tried.

Runner-up: Wet Flavored Lube (Sweet Cherry flavor)

Sugar-free, clear and non-staining without a bitter or chemical aftertaste. Another thin and water-based lube that should be sold with a spoon. Dessert never tasted so good.

Everyone has an opinion on which lube is the best, but how many people have tried more than a few? Go with our recommendations for the best lubes -- you'll be happy you did.