Anal Sex Toys: Dos and Don'ts

Lots of heterosexual couples engage in anal sex play, including anal sex toys. Because of human anatomy, anal sex is a little more complicated than regular vaginal sex. Bringing anal sex toys into the equation makes thing slightly different.

Female Orgasm Couples who want to include anal sex toys in their sex play should have a basic knowledge of what to do and what not to do. Poor hygiene or inappropriate use of toys can lead to discomfort, injury -- even an embarrassing trip to the emergency room. This article discusses the dos and don'ts of anal sex toys.

Proper hygiene

Anal sex toys should always be cleaned after use. Porous materials such as rubber, silicon or cyberskin should be washed with a mild disinfectant soap and water. Other materials, like glass, metal or acrylic can be run through the dishwasher. Use only mild soap to reduce the risk of irritating the rectal lining with traces of harsh chemicals left on the anal sex toy.

Don't share anal sex toys unless using a condom on them.

Lots of lube

Because the anus doesn't create its own lubrication the way the vagina does, proper anal lube is required. Silicon-based lubes last much longer because they don't dry out, but aren't compatible with silicon or cyberskin anal sex toys.

Water-based lubes can dry out over time, but should be used with non-silicon-compatible anal sex toys. We don't recommend the use of lubes containing glycerin (could lead to infection) or "warming" lubes. In our experience, anal sex is more enjoyable without an associated burning sensation.

Never use oil-based lubes! This includes cooking oil, Crisco, Vaseline, massage oil, etc. Oil isn't easy to remove and can irritate the lining of the rectum and lead to infections.

Use only proper anal sex toys

Butt plugs, anal beads and anal dildos are all designed to be easy to grip and easily removable from the anus. This is necessary because the sphincter, the muscles of the anus, have a tendency to pull objects inside. For instance, when you penetrate the anus with a finger, you will usually feel a drawing sensation, almost as if gravity is pulling your finger deeper.

Proper anal sex toys are designed with flared ends to prevent the toy from disappearing into the anus. Or they have an easy-to-grip handle or string for removal.

Without an easy removal design, the anal sex toy can be thrust too far into the anus and lost, or even drawn into the rectum by the anus.

Every year, hundreds of people go to the emergency room because an improper anal sex toy was used and then lost in the rectum. Everything from normal sex toys like vibrators and dildos (without flared bases) to the totally bizarre - light bulbs, soda bottles, and even a live artillery shell) are removed every year. All because the responsible parties decided to improvise instead of using proper anal sex toys. Obviously, serious injury and even death can occur from the use of makeshift anal sex toys.

Follow these guidelines to get the most out of your anal sex toys and your anal play. Ignore our advice at your peril.